The Artist

Jan paints sacred images called “icons” using the materials and techniques of the Byzantine era. In the middle of a successful nursing career, Jan felt a calling to paint Mary, the Blessed Mother. This came as a complete surprise; however, she considers her passion to paint sacred images a Divine appointment.  This calling has become a passion and a journey into sacred art, the materials and methods used in the Byzantine era and the theology and sacred beliefs of the cultures of the world. Thus, Jan's spiritual journey evolved.

She has studied with master iconographers; and has studied in various countries around the world. She has studied, theology, theory, and techniques of iconography and continues to do so.

Painting an icon is called “writing” an icon as it is considered writing the word of Divinity in paint. This writing process is accompanied by reverence and prayer from the beginning research to the finished icon.

Jan's subjects are those suggested or requested by others, images that are challenging and aesthetically appealing to her and those that come through inspiration, research or study.

Her aspiration is to create images which impact people's lives in many different areas, such as faith, beauty, inspiration and healing.


“I began studying and painting icons about 15 years ago because I was compelled to do so. I paint icons because I know that they can enhance spirituality and enrich lives. Each icon that I paint is meant for an individual or community. The painting of each icon expands my own spirituality and it is a gift to be able to do so.” ---Jan Farrell

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