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An icon is often referred to as a “window into heaven”. It can help to open our spiritual eyes. Icons are not only venerated in Orthodox religions, but images may include those venerated in the Roman Catholic church, Anglican church, other Christian churches, and various healing and spiritual belief systems.

Contemporary icons continue to illustrate a collective experience and education, and this circumscribes the subject, pattern, and techniques used by iconographers. Thus, artistic refinement and adherence to the iconographic canons, or rules and guidelines, are significant.

The Russian-Byzantine tradition of icon painting has flourished over the years. Today the painting of an icon in this style involves a multi-step process that is concrete and aligned with a spiritual pathway that is symbolic and connected with the past. As in the past, only natural materials are used in icon painting and these paintings may include linen, multi layered gessoed wood panel, gold leaf layered on gilders clay, egg tempera made with ground pigments, and linseed oils.